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Kadaj's notes

Tom brouwers

March 18th, 2006

My feelings @ 11:36 pm

here are some Feelings described for Sabrina
17-03-2006 at 22:38

[i]My feelings for you are just like the stars, untold and full of surprises. when i look into your eyes it is like i could stay there forever[/i]

18-03-2006 / 23:06
How can i describe these feelings for you, when you don't feel the same for me? is it uncertainty or do you not know how to feel?.[/i]

[i]It may be a strange thing but the first time we met it was like heaven for me. your eyes, your Smile your Hair. it was all perfect. that evening at the Stairway to heaven i couldn't look into your eyes because i was to shy. but when i'm with you it is like i could take on the world. that is a feeling i didn't have for the last few years. girl i can only say one thing and that is i love you[/i]
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Kadaj's notes

Tom brouwers