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Kadaj's notes

Tom brouwers

January 3rd, 2007

Ovarion Book : David Strongheart and the destroyed city of Xamora @ 07:06 pm

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David Strongheart and the destroyed city of Xamora

Many adventurers came to Xamora for the Portal that stands in the middle of this wonderful city.
Alleys and broad streets are filled with many armour, magic, and weapon shops
High buildings reach the skies, many churches and Cathedrals filled with precious artefacts of the gods

It was December 2nd, a stormy winter night in the city of Xamora
Not much happened that night… Until…. The Church bells struck midnight
The church bells sounded loud.
Creatures of the night began to appear in the city,
People running around. Buildings collapsed.
But then at that moment time stood still...
It felt like time being slowed by a strong mage.
People looked above the city’s highest tower. And there it was …
The great mage Dramesh Bear stood on the high tower.
But something was wrong.
It looked like him. But his face was all gone
Then at that moment he summoned the great demon
The demon destroyed the beautiful city of Xamora.

The city that was once the greatest city on the continent, was now destroyed

Chapter one

5000 years later

It was a quite night in the city of Anuga.
David Strongheart an elven boy of 16 years old lays on his bed thinking to himself
It is sure quite here, in this city, it just looks like something big is going to happen
David turns around and gets out of bed, because he couldn’t sleep anymore.
It is to quite this night David thought to himself while looking out of his window
David decided to try to get some sleep again.

The morning after, David was waken by the sound of knocking on the door.
David got out of bed and walked to the front door. One of his friends, a 16 year old cat-girl named Cassandra Parson, stood before him.
Where were you last night? We were waiting for you at the mercury moon. She said to David. David answered; was that last night? Man I totally forgot about it.
Cassandra sighed, you always forget important things, and we were meeting up with master Infecto, he is not pleased with it that you weren’t there last night. You should go see him later today; he has some chores for you at the Enigma, well I have to go, be sure to go see master Infecto, ok?
David nodded, turned around and closed the door.
Sigh, she’s always like this, o well I should go see master Infecto. David thought to himself.

Meanwhile at the Enigma. Master Infecto was working in the store, the door opened; a man with dark clothing and an unshaved beard stood in the door opening and entered the shop. Master Infecto looked up at the person that just entered the shop and said, can I help you sir? The man replied; Yes you can, I’m here to pick up David Strongheart, is he here? Master Infecto replied; no not yet, I haven’t seen him, I’m still waiting for him. The man nodded and exited the shop
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Kadaj's notes

Tom brouwers